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The Renewed United Nations is an offer for permanent peace.

The supranational international organisation “Renewed United Nations” is a possibility for renewal. Through their membership therein the states have the opportunity to escape the constraints of the existing system, to turn their backs on international finance capital and to break free of old obstructive entanglements. This is my offer to all states for freedom and permanent peace and prosperity for all people in all nations.

In many states the existing constitutions and political systems do not permit a profound change in the systems themselves and hence a renewal of the decision-makers is hard to accomplish.

In some states the people who sit in the parliaments have very little interest in changing the present system, are themselves (still) beneficiaries of the system and are also often caught up in dependencies and contraints themselves.

Furthermore, most people have no knowledge of how completely new systems of money, financial institutes, the economy, the media, the health service etc. should be established and organised.

I myself have often experienced this in talks with government representatives, economists, presidents of central banks etc.

They mostly have no idea how to organise a debt-free and interest-free monetary system in their states. Neither do they know what freedom and prosperity that would lead to for all people, without anybody being a loser. Nor do they know how to establish a nationwide health service offering all people a right to health and actually also implement this.

They do not know of ways to create a pension system which works independently of the demographic development and provides all people with a secure and prosperous old age in happiness and esteemed by others.

The organization “Renewed United Nations” is the solution for all the problems of this world.

Its purpose is to accomplish what the states themselves are scarcely able to perform.

Its purpose is to break free of the dependencies of states on the international financial dynasties and multinational concerns, to assure peace, to help solve countries’ domestic problems and bring about renewal of the systems.

This is also possible when the states’ constitutions would not permit it or when international or other treaties or dependencies would tie the actors’ hands. The organisation can implement anything which is otherwise impossible or scarcely possible for the states to accomplish.

The special design of the organisation enables it to act very swiftly. Important decisions can be taken speedily and quickly implemented. Transparency rules out corruption. The possibility of exercising reservations of every kind guarantees the sovereignty of the states and the organisation only does that which is desired.

Peter, Menschensohn
Peter, MenschensohnSupreme Sovereign Kingdom of Germany

The knowledge and experience of the Head of State of the Kingdom of Germany ensures that the positive changes can really be accomplished and that they are carried out together with and with the consent of the states concerned. Moreover, it is ensured that states which do not respect the rights of other states and enroach unasked directly or indirectly on the sovereignty of other nations may not be decision-makers in the organisation. War to increase power shall no longer be worthwhile. The Renewed United Nations will supersede the United Nations, whose responsible task will soon come to an end.