The Governor-General

The Governing Council determines the directives for action consistent with the stipulations of the Charter. It is presided over by the Governor-General.

Its purpose is to give directions for the actions of the Renewed United Nations and to further the latter’s purposes and tasks. In doing so, it is directed towards the needs of the planet as provider of natural resources and the needs of the whole of humankind. Its purpose is, with the aid of the Renewed United Nations, to bring about a fundamental change in the behaviour of humankind. To accomplish this change it is endowed with extensive powers. These powers permit it, within the scope of the respective individual treaties, to give directions for all actions required to achieve the high purposes of the Charter, to supervise their implementation and adjust them to the requirements of the time in question.

The Governor-General is the supreme representative of the Renewed United Nations Organisation, its highest office-bearer, authorised agent and person authorised to issue directives.

Humankind is at a crossroads. It is a matter of to be or not to be, as has long been clear to many scientists. Private economic interests of huge business conglomerates as well as ingrained political, religious, financial and economic system structures are opposed to important decisions.

The consequences of human deeds have been becoming visible for decades in increasingly serious problems; nevertheless there has not been any fundamental change in behaviour, nor is such in view. Progress appears small, takes place slowly and so far no change in the destructive systems has been made.

The present United Nations and its organisational structure has so far not been able to solve the problems of humankind, nor will it be able to in future. The world has not become more peaceful, neither have the environmental problems become smaller.

A fundamental renewal in thinking, acting and implementation methods is needed.

The organisational structure of the Renewed United Nations ensures swift decision-making, rapid action and a real implementation of urgent global solutions. With the aid of those in positions of responsibility in peaceful nations, the Governor-General will discuss these issues and speedily advance implementation of solutions.

The Governing Council assists states in coordinating the transformation of their system structures. The other Councils of the Renewed United Nations give directions for implementation of measures in their respective areas of responsibility consistent with the stipulated guidelines or themselves implement measures with the aid of their subsidiary organs.

The purpose of the Renewed United Nations is to renew the world in a peaceful manner, making it into a place where all beings can harmoniously co-exist in conformity with the laws of creation.