Economic and Social Council

The purpose of the Economic and Social Council is to make possible equally good conditions of personal growth and prosperity for all people in all states and nations. The fact that social differences, the policy of subsidies and exploitation of certain nations lead to the benefit of others is shown not only by the EU and the great North-South divide but also the status of many developing countries.

Were equal principles applied in educational, monetary, economic and social policies in all states without mainly private interests being considered and were advanced technologies used for the benefit of all people, there would not be such great differences, there would be no refugees driven by poverty, wealth would be more equally distributed and armed struggles for resources would be a thing of the past.

The Economic Council of the Renewed United Nations has set itself the task of furthering every nation or state in a responsible manner and to the greatest extent possible consistent with the development status of the population, the natural resources, climatic conditions and national needs and possibilities.

In doing so, profits from natural resources should primarily flow to the states concerned and the people living in them. To ensure this, the Council shall do educational and development work in the member states and the Governing Council shall supervise the work of the Economic and Social Council.

The Council’s purpose is to achieve independence from international finance capital for every nation. In doing so, the Council would like to introduce equal principles of debt-free and interest-free currencies from state money creation backed by tangible assets.

A further aim is to achieve fundamental prosperity in all nations and cooperative, friendly trade between states based on values such as respect, esteem and honesty.

In this way, there will scarcely be any social differences in the countries themselves or great differences in the prosperity of single nations any longer. Humankind is a cohesive organism.