Purpose of the Security Council

The Security Council is subordinate to the Governing Council. The organisation of warfare is not one of its purposes.

Its purpose is to support the work of the Economic and Social Council and to protect weak nations from being raided by private interest groups.

The detection of corruption and abuse of power, of lying and deception, of breach of contract and arbitrariness on the part of government offices is likewise another of its tasks.

The Security Council also ensures peace by exposing corrupt practices or other machinations jeopardising public welfare on the part of private interest groups. It has the purpose of intervening to prevent further violation of the fundamental rights of all people, of putting an end to continuing violations of rights, of pointing out the consequences of continuing violations to the party responsible and, if necessary, of bringing them before the International Renewal Court of Justice.

Peace and security shall be achieved through new monetary systems, a functioning economy in all states, through social justice, extensive educational programmes, just distribution, introduction of new technologies and furthering of values.