Guidelines concerning requirements for judges at the International Renewal Court of Justice

(pursuant to Art. 6 of the Statute of the IRCJ)

Every judge must possess fundamental knowledge consistent with the standards of the Kingdom of Germany in the following fields:

  • Natural law
  • International contract law
  • International law
  • Constitutional law
  • Human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Monetary law

and be willing to apply these laws and to act to maintain them.

S/he is committed to respecting the laws of creation and serving the creator, to finding just solutions for all parties, to acting on behalf of the rights of all people and to serving the aim of the welfare of all people.

For this s/he shall swear the following oath:

I herewith solemnly swear to respect the laws of creation, to act without any reservation on behalf of the rights of all people, for peace and the purpose of global renewal, to behave righteously and to do everything necessary to bring divine order to the world, so help me God.